These instructions are for Outlook Express V6.x.

To get things started, contact us and let us know that you’re using Outlook Express and that you’d like your spam filter enabled on your hosting. When you’re ready, open Outlook Express, and go to Tools -> Message Rules -> Mail:

In the next window, under “1. Select the Conditions for your rule:”, place a checkmark next to “Where the subject line contains specific words”:

Next, under “2. Select the Actions for your rule:”, place a checkmark next to “Move it to the specified folder”:

And finally, under “3. Rule Description” click on contains specific words:

That will popup the window shown below. Enter the phrase “***SPAM***” and click “Add” (make sure you include the three * either side of the word SPAM):

You’ll see “***SPAM***” appear in the box below. Click “OK”:

Next you want to click on specified in the window below:

That will popup the window below. Here you’ll want to expand “Local Folders” and select the “Junk” folder. Alternatively, click “New Folder” to create a new junk folder:

Click “OK” when you have selected your junk folder. As a last step, you’ll want to name your rule to something like “SPAM”:

Click “OK” once you’ve named your rule. Now all that’s left is clicking “OK” on the screen below to save your rule:

You just successfully created a rule that will filter all mail identified as spam into a junk folder in Outlook Express.

Remember to check the folder on occasion to confirm that legitimate emails are not being incorrectly flagged as spam.

If too many legitimate emails are being incorrectly flagged as spam, reduce the power of your filter. Alternatively, if too much spam is still getting through, increase the power of your filter.